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Blackstone Labs launches its unique Dust V2 Ready To Mix Caps

dust v2 ready to mix caps

Blackstone Labs has just launched something that has apparently been in the works for about a year. The new product is a special version of its pre-workout Dust V2, which has been concentrated down and packaged into what the brand is calling Ready To Mix Caps. The idea is that you simply put one of these caps onto a screw top bottle of water, push down on its top, and then the sealed away Dust V2 will be poured into your bottle.

Fortunately Blackstone Labs’ president PJ Braun has put together a video going over every detail of the product as well as demonstrating how to use it. Braun also says that the Ready To Mix Caps will work on “9 out of the top 11, best-selling waters”, so you won’t need to go out and by a specific one to use it with.

To purchase Blackstone Labs’ latest innovation, visit its website at The creative little product is now in stock there for $3.99 a piece, in the one Tropical Punch flavor, which is actually an option exclusive to the Ready To Mix Caps and not available for the regular Dust V2 powder.

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