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Efectiv unveils two upcoming pre-workouts, PWO and PMP

efectiv PWO

The UK brand Efectiv Nutrition has just unveiled two products that we actually didn’t notice it doesn’t already have. The brand has basically dropped a preview image officially introducing two entirely new supplements. The two products are in fact both pre-workouts, a category Efectiv is surprisingly not currently competing in.

The names of the two upcoming Efectiv supplements are simply, Efectiv PWO and Efectiv PMP. The former is the brand’s stimulant powered pre-workout featuring the branded ingredients ViNitrox and Cognizin citicoline. As for the latter, PMP is the brand’s stimulant free pre-workout with only one ingredient confirmed in ViNitrox and a name identical to that of GAT’s pre-workout.

The only other details we have on Efectiv PWO and PMP at the moment are that they’re both expected to be released soon in 30 servings tubs, and in at least one flavor each with Arctic Grape for PWO and Raspberry Ice for PMP.

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