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Gold Standard Gainer gets a smaller size and fewer flavors for the UK

gold standard gainer

A month or so after the supplement officially started hitting stores here in the US. Optimum Nutrition’s most recent Gold Standard Series release, Gold Standard Gainer, has started showing up over in the UK. The clean gainer appears to have held on to its formula for the area, however it isn’t being listed with the same sizes or flavors.

Instead of showing up in its 5 and 10lb bags, or with its four flavor menu of Cinnamon Bun, Colossal Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla Ice Cream. Gold Standard Gainer is being promoted in the UK at the likes of Tropicana in the one 3.58lb tub which should work out to around 7 or 8 servings, and in just three flavors with Colossal Chocolate, Strawberry Shake, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

The UK has essentially been given the same supplement just in a smaller size with fewer flavors, although it does have a Strawberry option which isn’t something you’ll find in the US.

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