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Inspired’s #1 rated DVST8 just $33 for the Stack3d Pro Fall


One of the things that we really wanted to see at our first Stack3d Pro Expo were real expo like deals where supplements were discounted to beyond believable prices. We saw a few solid deals in June but none quite as good as what Inspired has put together for this week’s Stack3d Pro Fall. The top rated brand has buy one get one offers, free shirts and shakers, and incredible discounts on its top products.

The BOGO offers are both pre-orders for Inspired’s new versions of its creatine CR3 and fat burner Kor. The straightforward discount is where the brand has really stepped up its game with an incredible 40% off LGND, PRPL Reign, UV50, Inspired BCAA, and the best pre-workout available, DVST8 White Cut.

It is the DVST8 White Cut discount that’s the most impressive, as while it is in our opinion the best pre-workout in the world right now, its regular price is a bit higher than most. The 40% breaks down that barrier, dropping the powerhouse supplement to a never before seen $33.59. To unnecessarily sweeten the deal, until Inspired runs out it is also throwing in a free shaker and shirt with every DVST8 order.

You can get all the details on the deals and discounts including coupon codes at Inspired’s booth in the North Hall of the Stack3d Pro Fall.

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