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Sixth Nitro-Tech Crunch flavor launching sometime in December

nitro-tech crunch

While is only just celebrating the launch of Muscletech’s Performance Series protein bar, Nitro-Tech Crunch, this week with a pretty solid sale. Muscletech has revealed that another flavor for the candy bar style product is on the way. At the moment fans can actually find Nitro-Tech Crunch in quite a few flavors with a total of five.

Despite still being a very young product and having a strong list of flavors, as mentioned Muscletech has revealed that another option is on the way. Unfortunately we don’t yet know what the sixth Nitro-Tech Crunch is going to be, although we do imagine it’s going to be rather creative. We get the sense it’s going to be creative purely because the bar already has quite a few common flavors available, with really only one uncommon, somewhat creative effort in Birthday Cake.

The release timeframe on this one isn’t too bad with Muscletech saying it should be launched sometime in December.

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