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Nutrabio starts its release spree with Pina Colada Classic Whey

pina colada classic whey

Despite the fact that Nutrabio has more than doubled the size of its Classic Whey menu since it was rebranded and released back in June, taking its menu from three options to seven. The brand is still not done adding to the supplement this year, in fact it’s far from done. Nutrabio has just launched another new flavor for the protein, introducing Pina Colada Classic Whey which is already available at in 2 and 5lb tubs.

As exciting as Pina Colada is, that isn’t the only news we have from Nutrabio today. Flavor number eight for Classic Whey is apparently only the start, as over the next four weeks the brand is actually planning on releasing another four flavors, at a rate of one per week. Basically by the time December rolls around Nutrabio’s Classic Whey is going to have 12 different flavors to choose from, making it the fastest growing protein we’ve seen by quadrupling its menu in just six months.

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