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Pro Supps MyBar also coming in a half size 6 bar box

pro supps mybar

With the launch of Pro Supps’ first edible supplement now just a couple of days away, the news continues to come in today for the long-awaited MyBar. Following on from last week’s post of the product’s official facts panel, it’s now been confirmed that fans are going to have two box sizes to choose from when it finally hits shelves.

While Pro Supps’ own website does only list MyBar in the one 12 bar box, details of a half size 6 bar box have surfaced. The major retailer Tiger Fitness is in fact already listing the product’s second size on its website with stock on the way and a price tag of $14.99.

The smaller 6 bar box is obviously not as cost-effective as the 12 piece or at least at Tiger Fitness it isn’t, working out 20% more expensive per bar, although it will save you in the long run if you don’t end up liking the product.

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