Redcon1 Total War Review: Strong stimulant powered pre-workout

redcon1 total war review

Ever since we saw the formula behind Redcon1’s pre-workout Total War, we knew it was a supplement we had to try. While you can’t tell exactly how good a pre-workout is just by looking at its label, Total War is one of the few that guarantees it’s going to be good, the only question is how good? We actually managed to pick up a couple of tubs a few weeks ago, and have now used it in more than enough workouts to bring you our Redcon1 Total War review.

Not what we expected

Before we get into how the product performs in all the usual pre-workout areas, we have to say overall Total War is very different from what we expected. Based on all of its highlights, we were looking forward to a very well rounded experience combining energy, focus, pump, and performance. The supplement does kind of give you that mix, however its balance of effects throws it off a bit as in some areas it’s extremely powerful and in others not so much.

redcon1 total war review

Top of the line, next level energy

We’ll start our Redcon1 Total War review with the first thing you feel on it, and that is of course its energy. It definitely doesn’t take too long after you’ve thrown back the product for it to kick in, and it’s certainly a kick you will feel. The energy hits very hard at the two scoop maximum, which isn’t too surprising as Total War is one of the few pre-workouts that packs half a gram of caffeine. Once the energy comes over you, it is a little difficult to avoid the jitters, although they do disappear when you start working out. We found the best way was to just make sure you’re at the gym before it kicks in, even if that means taking the supplement right outside so it hits while you’re working out.

Regardless of how the energy feels at the beginning, once you get moving your new problem will be stopping. The energy in Redcon1 Total War is really the driving force behind the whole product. There are other effects to it, but the extremely strong energy does steal the show. After it kicks in it does a great job at essentially carrying you through your workout, giving you that non-stop work ethic all thanks to the never-ending fuel that’s powering your muscles. When we say never-ending you will of course still get tired and break up your exercises into sets, however the energy won’t let you rest too long and will make you at least feel like you can go again a lot sooner than usual.

Focus overshadowed by energy

The next effect on the list for our Redcon1 Total War review is focus, which isn’t bad but nothing like the energy. The focus is in fact one of the effects that gets overshadowed by the supplement’s top notch energy. Early on and near the end of your workout when the product starts to fade, you do get a feeling of enhanced focus and drive to get things done, although outside of those quiet moments the energy’s forced, non-stop mindset is in charge. We did find that if you lower your dose of Total War you do get a stronger sense of focus and clarity, but the downside to that is the energy gets weaker.

redcon1 total war review

Alright pump, but not great

The pump is up next, and despite the fact that Redcon1 does have its stackable and more dedicated pump pre-workout Big Noise, Total War does still have a bit to say in this area. Much like how the supplement’s focus doesn’t compare overly well to its energy, the same can be said for its pump. The effect is certainly there throughout your workout, mildly making your ability to feel and pump up each muscle that little bit better. It’s not quite on the level of some of Total War’s biggest competitors, however like the focus it does get better when you lower the dose, but again the downside is a lighter level of energy.

Not ideal for performance and endurance workouts

Lastly we have the performance and/or endurance side of Total War. As we’ve explained before, this is how well a pre-workout powers you performance wise. While great stimulant formulas will keep you going set after set, a product with good performance will make sure each of those sets is at a rep range or weight beyond normal, and with a comfortable, almost natural level of exhaustion. Dedicated Unstoppable and Inspired DVST8 are two of the best in this area, neither of which Total War comes close to. The Redcon1 pre-workout’s energy is just too intense for any kind of overly demanding workout. It does a great job with high rep, mild, and smaller muscle group workouts, although when put to the test with something heavy, hard, and exhausting, Total War will have you out of breath and puffing in the corner very quickly.

redcon1 total war review

Better balance = less energy

Overall the pre-workout is powerful, however we do feel we have to retouch on or at least reinforce how it can change with its servings. Throughout our Redcon1 Total War review you will have noticed we said that if you lower the supplement’s serving from its maximum of two scoops, which is what our review is based on, the experience does vary. Basically at its maximum Total War is a mostly stimulant driven experience with an incredible level of energy, a fairly good pump, and a touch of focus. When you lower it the energy does become less impressive, however the pump and focus do end up being more noticeable as well as effective.

In the end the best Total War experience comes from two scoops, but if you play around with it you can get a slightly different balance out of it that you may end up finding a better fit for you. Even if you do end up lowering it, the energy is still the star of the show so if you’re a stimulant junkie than Total War is well worth purchasing. If we had to compare it to some of its closest competitors, we’d say it’s a lot like MAN’s Game Day with a bit more stimulation or a not as well balanced Performax Labs’ HyperMax XT.

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