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EVL names its 6th Stacked Protein and unveils LeanMode powder


One of the many things going on at EVL’s Stack3d Pro Fall booth this week are introductions to new supplements. As previously confirmed the brand has brought a total of five to the event including its sixth Stacked Protein flavor. For those that have been waiting for that one to be revealed, the new flavor named is Strawberry Stacked Protein.

The other four products EVL has introduced at the Stack3d Pro are two more for its energy amino formula BCAA Energy, with Lemon Lime and Furious Grape. The last two are actually for the brand’s stimulant free fat burner LeanMode, which at the moment does only come in capsule form. The two new tastes now confirmed to be coming soon are Fruit Punch and Peach Tea, both presumably featuring the same formula as the original LeanMode.

leanmode powder

Another highlight of EVL’s Stack3d Pro booth is the sample promotion it has available. The brand is basically giving away free samples of its focus formula FocusMode and all you have to do to get one is follow EVL on Instagram and request a sample via direct message. To see everything EVL has available yourself, you can find the brand in the North Hall at

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