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Steel Supplements’ new ADAbolic an extremely complete peri-workout


Steel Supplements is a relatively new brand that you’re going to start seeing more of moving forward here at Stack3d, and one you’re definitely going to want to check out a little more. The ex-Animal athlete Jason Huh is the face of Steel, which has a very impressive line of well put together products for all your usual categories. It is actually one of the few brands, if not the only one we know of, that has two stimulant heavy pre-workouts with Amped-AF and Charged-AF.

As well as introducing Steel Supplements today, we are also going to highlight its most recent release, the extremely complete peri-workout formula ADAbolic. Much like Prime’s well-known Intra-MD, Steel’s ADAbolic has been designed to be taken pre, intra, and post-workout to help build muscle, increase strength, speed up recovery, and create the “ultimate anabolic & anti-catabolic environment”. While it may sound like the supplement promises quite a bit, that’s only because its 37g serving packs in quite a bit.

Steel Supplements ADAbolic


Firstly ADAbolic features a 100% transparent formula, so it does tell you the exact amounts of everything that’s in it. You can see its complete list of ingredients in its official facts panel above which includes single serving highlights such as 4g of citrulline, 7g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 3g glutamine, and half a gram of Hydromax branded glycerol.

Steel Supplements does direct users to throw back between one to three servings depending on your goals and body weight, so at its maximum your looking at things like 21g of BCAAs and 12g of citrulline. While you may be thinking that’ll make it quite costly taking more than one serving at a time, ADAbolic isn’t short on servings. Each of its 3.2lb tubs packs a rather large 40 servings, 10 more than the likes of Intra-MD. At three servings however you will definitely burn through it, but at two servings it has enough to last you five workouts a week for the usual four weeks.


If you like what you see in Steel Supplements’ new ADAbolic, and if you’re a peri-workout fan there’s a good chance you will. You can check out the product in more detail and purchase it on the brand’s website, While you’re there you may as well have look around at the rest of Steel’s powerful line-up, and as mentioned look forward to seeing more updates on the brand here moving forward.

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