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Animal Fury is not replacing Animal’s more energy focused Rage XL

animal fury

After yesterday’s big release of Animal’s all-new pre-workout Animal Fury, we were left wondering why the brand made such a big shift from the more energy focused Animal Rage XL. Fury is essentially an entirely different formula focused more on performance ingredients rather than stimulants. Animal did actually get back to us with a reason as to why it went in that direction, which is because Animal Fury is not replacing Rage XL.

The latest pre-workout competitor from the hardcore brand is in fact a more performance-based alternative. Both Animal Fury and Rage XL are going to be sold alongside one another, giving fans the option of high energy and intense or mild and performance powered.

We did ask if that meant a separate sequel for Rage XL is in the works, and were told that the supplement is going to stay the way it is for at least another six months. That does of course leave open the possibility of something like Animal Rage III somewhere down the line, even more so since Rage XL is going to be a three old product come December.

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