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Save almost 10% on Fury, Pak, and Whey with Animal’s Iron Intelligence Stack

animal fury stack

It’s been all about Animal’s new pre-workout competitor Animal Fury over the past couple of days, following its massive launch on Friday. That was then followed up yesterday with confirmation that the supplement is not replacing the brand’s other pre-workout Animal Rage XL, and will simply be sold alongside the product as a more performance powered alternative. Animal Fury is back in headlines again today as there is already a way you can save on it.

The hardcore brand has launched the Iron Intelligence Stack at, which has been named after the retailer’s new 12-week muscle-building program from Animal’s own Evan Centopani. The stack is made up of three full-size supplements, Animal Pak, Whey, and the new Fury, and costs just $79.99. Separately the items would usually total about $86, although with the Iron Intelligence Stack you’ll save almost 10%.

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