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EVL combining BCAAs, weight loss, and energy for BCAA Lean Energy

bcaa lean energy

An all-new EVL supplement has been unveiled this weekend, which is actually a spin-off of one of its current competitors. The new addition to the brand’s family is called BCAA Lean Energy, a product you could probably guess what it’s all about. Just as it says in its name, BCAA Lean Energy is a combination of BCAAs, weight loss, and energy.

For now EVL has only dropped a preview of BCAA Lean Energy, not revealing its label, however we do feel we could probably guess what it’s going to feature. We imagine the brand has just pulled together its energized amino BCAA Energy, with its weight loss infused LeanBCAA. That would give the supplement a combination of 5g of BCAAs, natural caffeine and green tea for energy, and a gram each of CLA and carnitine l-tartrate.

There could be a few other ingredients in the mix, but if we had to take a guess at what BCAA Lean Energy is going to feature, that’d be our formula. Regardless of what it’s going to contain, when it eventually arrives EVL fans are going to have three fruity flavors to choose from in Fruit Punch, Cherry Limeade, and Blue Raz.

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