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Black Market teases what looks like another female pre-workout

black market

The original underground brand Black Market, has dropped a teaser which appears to hint at something we haven’t seen from it in a very long time. The image appears to hint at an entirely new supplement the brand has coming, with just one major detail revealed so far. The only thing we know about the mystery product for sure is that it’s some kind of pre-workout formula.

There are a number of reasons we believe we are looking at an entirely new Black Market supplement, and not just another limited edition flavor. Firstly, we are still a while away from the time of the month where the brand drops or even teases its monthly Guerrilla Edition. Secondly, of the things you can see in the image released, the product doesn’t look like it matches up with anything in Black Market’s current line-up.

There are also a few clues in the teaser that help give us an idea on what the supplement might be. As you can see the tub of the product is white, which is similar to only one of Black Market’s current competitors, its female specific supplement Fierce Tone. That certainly suggests we could be in for another female pre-workout, and based on its overall tub weight of 219g, the formula is going to be lighter than Fierce Tone at 270g per tub.

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