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Combat XL Bar looking a lot like the discontinued Arnold Muscle Bar

combat xl bar

The next major MusclePharm release has been unveiled, which as it turns out is just like the latest supplement from Fitmiss. The upcoming product is in fact a protein bar spin-off of the brand’s mass protein formula Combat XL, introducing the Combat XL Bar. At the moment we don’t know all of the supplement’s details, although by the looks of things it’s along the same lines as the now discontinued Arnold Series Muscle Bar.

The one macro detail we have is that the Combat XL Bar is going to have 30g of protein per 90g bar. Those two numbers are actually identical to that of the Arnold Muscle Bar, which is quite interesting as the one image we have of the bar itself is also extremely similar.

combat xl bar

If the Combat XL Bar does turn out to be exactly the same or similar to the Arnold Muscle Bar, its other macros will likely be around 30g of carbohydrates (7g sugar, 2g fiber), 16g of fat (9g saturated), and a total of 370 calories. One more thing that links the two is that the Muscle Bar was a bit of a mass snack at 370 calories, something that would fit well with the Combat XL Bar, especially since it’s named after a mass protein.

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