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Condemned Labz may be young but it’s growing fast

condemned labz

If you’re like us and tend to enjoy finding new brands, then you might want to give Condemned Labz a look if you haven’t come across it already. Condemned is a very new brand that launched earlier this year, and currently sits with a total of seven different supplements. The seven also aren’t all for your typical categories, especially its most recent release HumaSlin.

Making up Condemned Labz’ line-up you have the two DMHA and TeaCrine infused formulas, the pre-workout Convict and fat burner Arsyn. Next are the two BCAA formulas Confined and Solitary Confinement, with the latter setting itself apart from the former by being packed with highly branched cyclic dextrin. You then have the pump product DNA Dispatch, the simple combination of creatine, taurine, and Hydromax called Locked Down, and lastly the aforementioned insulin and carbohydrate manipulating formula, HumaSlin.


You can get a closer look at all of Condemned Labz’ supplements on its website, where you’ll find all of its labels listed, most of which are 100% transparent. The only areas the brand isn’t transparent is in the energy blends of its pre-workout Convict and fat burner Arsyn. That is in fact a technique we’ve seen a lot more brands use lately, as it seems to keep their unique blends of stimulants hidden from competitors.

Moving forward you’ll be seeing a lot more of Condemned Labz here at Stack3d, as we will be sharing all the updates we can from it like we do with all the other brands we follow. From what we know that is actually going to involve a lot of updates, as despite being a young brand, Condemned is working on a lot of things including a couple of entirely new products and more flavors for some of its current ones.

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