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DVST8 Crimson the official name of Inspired’s upcoming pre-workout

dvst8 crimson

The name of Inspired Nutraceuticals still very mysterious, upcoming pre-workout has just been announced. The supplement is officially going to be titled DVST8 Crimson, which appears to carry through to the product’s imagery as its title is being displayed against a crimson red background. The brand has also released a few words with the name, however they don’t really say anything about the pre-workout itself.

For those that missed our post from the other day, DVST8 Crimson is going to be a pre-workout formula, but it’s not replacing DVST8 White Cut. It’s also going to feature stimulants, putting it in direct competition with Inspired’s #1 rated DVST8 White Cut. We’re still a little unsure ourselves as to what kind of supplement it’s going to be, although it does look like the information is coming in fast.

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