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Analyze your lifts like never before with FORM’s smart collar

form lifting

If you’re a fan of new and awesome exercise technology, you might want to check out FORM Lifting’s interesting little gadget. The brand’s flagship product is simply called the FORM Lifting Collar, which at first looks like a typical Olympic bar collar. Attached to one of its sides however, is a subtle block that turns the collar into a smart collar to help take your workout to the next level.

FORM Lifting’s unique product was originally introduced through a Kickstarter campaign, but is now in stock and available direct from the brand’s website. What it does is measure your lifts beyond the weight plates you throw around. Just slip it on any side of a bar and it gives you the new age ability to analyze velocity, force production, and acceleration for all your major barbell lifts, to help improve form and overall performance.

To make the whole FORM Lifting experience even better, all of the data the collar measures is conveniently transferred and communicated in its accompanying Android and iOS app. Some other details worth highlighting are that the collar and measuring device are permanently attached to one another, it uses Bluetooth connectivity, and its battery will get you a good five hours of lifting on a full charge.

You can read more about FORM Lifting’s very interesting innovation on its website, where as mentioned you can also now purchase it. As you’d expect the complex product is quite expensive, carrying a price tag of $249. If you have a few friends that might be interested in grabbing one, you can actually save a fair bit of money that way as three will only cost you $224 each, and 12 will drop it even further to $204.

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