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L-Carnitine Liquid added to GAT’s fast growing Essentials Series

gat carnitine

GAT Sport has just added yet another supplement to its fast growing Essentials Series. The basic line of products which already has well over 10 different items, now has a liquid version of one of its current formulas. The new addition to the series is GAT L-Carnitine Liquid, available in two fruity flavors, Green Apple and Blue Raspberry.

We don’t yet know what the ingredients are in the supplement, however if it’s like most liquid l-carnitines it’ll have around 1.5g of regular l-carnitine pre serving. That is of course slightly different from the capsule version, which has half a gram of l-carnitine tartrate per serving. Despite not knowing what’s in the new GAT L-Carnitine Liquid, fans can already purchase it from the brand’s website for $11.89 a bottle.

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