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Inspired LGND Review: Incredibly unique formula that could be your next staple

inspired lgnd review

When Inspired first told us about LGND it came across as one of those supplements that sounded too good to be true. It promises a lot of things, in fact it almost promises everything. Its biggest effects include increased power, weight loss, stamina, lean mass, and overall health. As always we don’t believe anything until we see it for ourselves, so we grabbed a couple of bottles for our own Inspired LGND review and learned very quickly that it is quite the magical little product.

Going into this one we didn’t expect a whole lot from the supplement. That’s not a knock on Inspired as the brand is responsible for the best pre-workout on the market right now, but because things that look good on paper don’t always turn out that great in reality. We ran Inspired LGND with a couple of our experienced reviewers who like the rest, have tried a lot of different products. In the first week it was hard to really say whether or not the formula had an effect or it was just a good week. In the weeks that followed, the supplement certainly proved that it was the former and was having a noticeable impact.

inspired lgnd review

Almost instant strength gains

For our Inspired LGND review we’re not going to go over everything it does and doesn’t deliver on, only what we noticed. Basically in that first week it feels like a lot of the bigger lifts get bumped up a notch. Exercises like bent row, squat, and bench press just feel easier on your usual weight, and you find that you can move an extra 25 to 45lbs surprisingly well when you throw it on. As mentioned it can seem like you’re having a good week, although the trend does continue into the second, third, and fourth weeks. Your strength just gradually builds, giving you the ability to do more and handle more each and every week. The increases do obviously get lower as times goes on, but it is still an extremely impressive effect.

When you come off LGND it’s very hard to say whether or not you lose the strength, as the improvements all feel so natural. You’re still capable of doing what you could while on the product, however it does require a little more effort than before. The other major effect you’ll notice with LGND, and for us this is a big one, is recovery. Initially it was quite difficult to blame the supplement for the effect, although over time, like with the strength, it does become fairly obvious.

inspired lgnd review

Overall recovery and readiness

The recovery isn’t exactly something Inspired promotes for LGND, which is one of the main reasons we weren’t sure it was the product helping out in that area. It doesn’t exactly make you wake up pain-free or not sore the next day or few. What it does is make your body feel ready to go, energy and muscle wise. We tested this a couple of times by going through a solid two weeks of working out without a single rest day. Surprisingly there never came a time when the body felt overworked or too tired to perform like it usually would. Each day it felt in great shape and performed well, with or without a pre-workout. The naturally recovered feeling also seems to flow into the mind, with LGND almost creating a kind of enhanced drive and ambition to make you want to just kill every workout.

Small impact on leaning out

Lastly for our Inspired LGND review we have to touch on the supplement’s fat loss and lean mass effects, two things it promotes right on its bottle. For us this is a very tricky one to gauge as nothing in those areas was as noticeable as the performance and recovery. We do however feel that it had some impact in terms of leaning out, a small amount, but impact nonetheless. It doesn’t quite feel like it helps with weight loss, more like a recomposition or hardening compound. It didn’t seem to have any effect on the scale, but you will feel and look harder and tighter. Again LGND wasn’t as impressive here as it was in the other highlighted areas, almost to the point where you could achieve or blame yourself leaning and hardening rather than the product.

inspired lgnd review

Incredibly unique and well worth trying

As you can probably tell from our Inspired LGND review, this isn’t your typical supplement. We have never come across the various effects that this thing has in just the one formula. We’ve seen the performance from one and the recovery from another, but never from the one product. Unique is without a doubt the best word to describe LGND. All that’s left to say is you have to try it if you’re looking to enhance your recovery, train hard, lift heavy, or leaning out, although only for weight loss if you’re after any of the other effects. We don’t recommend relying on LGND solely for the hardening and tightening effects we experienced.

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