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Jym 2.0 capsule supplements will have the same formulas as the originals


Following on from yesterday’s announcement of a surprise sale at GNC with buy one get one half price on the entire Jym 2.0 line. Today we have a bit of an update on all of the capsule supplements that aren’t available at the brand’s new retailer just yet. For those wondering if they’ll ever make it to GNC, they are definitely on the way, and we now know how different they’re going to be.

Basically nothing is going to change formula wise for all of the capsule Jym 2.0 products. Shred, Vita, Omega, ZMA, and Alpha Jym are all going to keep their ingredients and doses exactly the same as the originals, with their branding being the biggest change. The news isn’t overly surprising as Jym also kept its powder formulas pretty much the same when they transitioned into the Jym 2.0 line.