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FAKtrition launches the world’s first ketogenic protein powder

keto protein

One of the many trends currently running in the supplement industry right now is ketogenic formulas, mostly thanks to Compound Solutions unique ingredient goBHB. We’ve seen ketogenic pre-workouts, aminos, and now we have the world’s first ketogenic protein. The new product is one of the latest releases from a brand called FAKtrition, with its official title simply being Keto Protein.

Looking at the supplement’s label, it is actually a fairly complex combination made up of nano-filtered hydrolyzed whey and two standout ingredients. Those ingredients are goBHB, as seen in almost every other ketogenic formula, and Velositol. goBHB is promoted as “a ready-to-use ketone”, perfect for those on a ketogenic diet, and Velositol is another patented ingredient included in Keto Protein to help increase muscle protein synthesis.

FAKtrition Keto Protein

keto protein

As for the macros making up FAKtrition’s ketogenic protein powder, each of its servings packs 25g of protein from nano-filtered whey isolate and concentrate. Just 3g of carbohydrates, absolutely no sugar or fat, and a total of 121 calories. Keto Protein does also feature a handful of digestive enzymes with the 300mg Aminozyme blend of lipase, lactase, exopeptidase, and endopeptidase.

You can find out a little more about FAKtrition’s new Keto Protein on its website at The product is also now available for purchase there in three 2lb flavors with Chocolate Madness, Vanilla Mania, and Coffee Addiction, for $64.99. Fortunately the brand does have a coupon code you can use with “FAK20”, which will get you 20% off Keto Protein as well as everything else on the site.

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