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Lemon Cola just one of many new flavors on the way for BCAA Sensation

lemon cola bcaa sensation

If you’re a Dedicated Nutrition fan and/or a loyal user of its packed out BCAA formula BCAA Sensation, you’ll probably already be pretty pleased with the amount of flavors you have to choose from. The supplement currently comes in six different tastes with Exotic Fruit, Mango Strawberry, Green Apple, Mojito Lime, Strawberry Kiwi Orange, and Watermelon. It now looks like that menu is going to be increased even further.

Dedicated has officially announced that it is going to be introducing a series of new BCAA Sensation flavors over the next few weeks. To kick things off it has unveiled one of the many new recipes it’s put together, welcoming Lemon Cola BCAA Sensation. For now Lemon Cola has only been revealed and will eventually be available once all of Dedicated’s other options have been introduced.

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