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Gamma Labs gives fans another gamer inspired G Fuel with LemoNADE

lemonade g fuel

The last new flavor we saw from Gamma Labs for its flagship energy formula G Fuel, was Tropical Rain. The product was actually inspired by the gamer FaZe Rain, which is also the story behind the new G Fuel flavor the brand has launched today. Making it a very impressive total of 17 different tastes for the supplement is LemoNADE G Fuel, inspired by the former professional gamer Nadeshot.

The latest release from Gamma Labs does separate itself with a little more than just its flavor, as it also comes in a flavor matching yellow tinted tub instead of the usual black or white. Fans can in fact already purchase Nadeshot’s new LemoNADE G Fuel direct from the brand, but at the moment only in the one 40 serving tub size. If however the flavor is anything like Tropical Rain we’ll probably be seeing LemoNADE in boxes and stick packs in about two months.

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