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Metabolic preparing to reveal a new supplement this Wednesday

metabolic nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition isn’t a brand we’ve heard a lot from this year. In total it’s dropped two supplements, the first was the Tri-Pep and carbohydrate formula GlycoLoad, then we got its reformulated pump pre-workout PSP. As quiet as the brand has been in 2016, it doesn’t look like it plans on finishing the year that way.

In a new teaser image Metabolic has just dropped, it mysteriously includes three words with “strong”, “intense”, and “extreme”. While they may not initially seem like much, we can confirm that the three words are in fact in relation to an upcoming supplement. When you combine all of that together you can kind of get an idea on what Metabolic might have coming.

If we had to take a guess, based on the words the brand has used in its teaser, we get the sense that it’s getting ready to release some sort of stimulant formula. The words “intense” and “extreme” have us thinking about nothing else, which could mean we’re in for a number of things such as a pre-workout, fat burner, or even an energy infused amino.

Fortunately everything is going to be unveiled very soon as on top of its teaser image and that it’s introducing a new supplement, Metabolic has given a reveal or possible release date of Wednesday the 16th.

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