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Nitro-Tech Whey Gold getting 2 more before the end of the year

nitro-tech whey gold

While Muscletech may have only launched its Nitro-Tech spin-off Nitro-Tech Whey Gold, just three months ago in August, it has confirmed that new flavors for the supplement are already on the way. At the moment the protein powder comes in four different flavors for both of its two tub sizes with Double Rich Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, French Vanilla Creme, and Strawberry.

As per usual the brand hasn’t revealed what either of the new flavors it has coming are, although we do feel we could probably make some pretty good guesses. Based purely on what Nitro-Tech Whey Gold’s menu is currently missing, a peanut butter recipe of some kind wouldn’t be too surprising, and maybe a cinnamon or cappuccino flavor like with Muscletech’s regular Nitro-Tech.

The good news for fans is that both of the new Nitro-Tech Whey Gold flavors are going to be here before the end of the year, which leaves Muscletech about seven weeks to get them released.

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