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Introducing Optimum’s delicious looking, protein packed Cake Bites

optimum cake bites

We already said earlier this year that we’ve seen more new releases from Optimum Nutrition in 2016 than most other years combined. The veteran brand’s list of new supplements includes the likes of Gold Standard Gainer, the protein bar Opti-Bar, and the Fit Series of Opti-Fit, Opti-Fit Protein, and Daily Fit. Optimum has now surprised us once again, introducing another entirely new product this week with Optimum Cake Bites.

The Cake Bites are the brand’s second edible release for the year, the other one being the Opti-Bar, however the Optimum Cake Bites are very different from the protein bar. Each pack comes with three 21g pieces, and are promoted as “deliciously whipped protein snacks”. As calorie packed as they look and sound, the Optimum Cake Bites aren’t actually all that bad when it comes to nutrition.

Optimum Cake Bites (Birthday Cake)

optimum cake bites

All together each pack of three Cake Bites has 20g of protein from a blend of milk concentrate, whey isolate, and milk isolate. With 25g of carbohydrates, only 5g of that sugar (3g added), 7g of fat (4g saturated), and an alright calorie total of 240. Those macros are all for Optimum’s Birthday Cake flavor, and while we don’t have all of the supplement’s labels just yet we do imagine their numbers will vary slightly from flavor to flavor.

To start the Optimum Cake Bites are going to be available in three different flavors, all of which sound and look delicious. The first is the one we already mentioned in Birthday Cake, with the other two being the white coated Red Velvet and Chocolate Dipped Cherry.

optimum cake bites

At the moment the new Optimum Cake Bites don’t appear to be in stock anywhere, although there is a place you can pre-order them. The guys over at Same Day Supplements have just added a page for the Cake Bites, where you can secure yourself boxes of 12 for $24.99 each in any of its three flavors. The retailer has also listed a rough release time frame, saying stock is due to arrive in roughly two to three weeks time.

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