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GAT’s Nitraflex and PMP RTDs get a new flavor each

orange ice nitraflex

When GAT launched the RTD versions of its two stimulant pre-workouts, Nitraflex and the more recent PMP. The products were only given one flavor each, with Nitraflex getting Raspberry Ice, and PMP getting the similar sounding Raspberry Lemonade. Just over two months since their release the brand has now decided it’s time to give both of the on-the-go items a second flavor.

The two GAT pre-workout RTDs have had their menus doubled today, and unlike the first flavors, their seconds aren’t anything alike. The brand’s Nitraflex RTD now comes in another fruity recipe with Orange Ice, and the PMP RTD has been given the two taste recipe, Strawberry Banana.

GAT fans can actually already purchase both of the new pre-workout RTD flavors on the brand’s website for $3.19 each. There is also an introductory deal available running from today through until the morning of this coming Monday. The deal is use the coupon “FREERTD” at checkout when buying at least three RTDs, and you’ll get one free. The code will only get you get one RTD no matter how many you buy, and you do need to have the freebie added to your cart for it all to work.

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