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Outlift RTD being promoted as the industry’s first clinically dosed pre-workout RTD

outlift rtd

Nutrex has just unveiled the next spin-off of its well put together, performance powered pre-workout supplement, Outlift. Following on from the more energized version from a couple of months ago in Outlift AMPed, the brand has introduced an Outlift RTD. By the sounds of things the product is simply going to be a premixed version of the clinically dosed original, which would definitely make it an interesting supplement.

The reason that’d make the supplement a little more than your typical on-the-go competitor is because there aren’t really any massively dosed pre-workout RTDs on the market, or at least any that we’ve seen. A lot of brands water down their formulas for on-the-go versions, something we’re fairly certain Nutrex hasn’t done especially since it’s promoting the upcoming Outlift RTD as the industry’s first clinically dosed pre-workout RTD.

Once the facts panel for the Outlift RTD is released we’ll be able to 100% confirm that it is identical to the regular and powder, and will get you the exact same results. Until then we only know of three main ingredients from Outlift that are going to be in the RTD which are 8g of citrulline malate, 6g of BCAAs, and 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine.

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