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Nutrabio keeps its promise launching its 3rd of 5 new Classic Whey flavors

pumpkin spice classic whey

Nutrabio continues to follow through on the promise it made two weeks ago, saying that it would be launching five new Classic Whey flavors in five weeks. It all started with Pina Colada, then last week we got Cake Batter. The brand has now released its third of five, introducing Pumpkin Spice Classic Whey.

The latest new flavor from Nutrabio is actually a little different from the other two, as it is a seasonal release and is only going to be around for a limited time. It is also only available in the one 2lb tub size, whereas Pina Colada and Cake Batter come in both 2 and 5lbs. Fans can now grab the new Pumpkin Spice Classic Whey direct Nutrabio’s website at its usual 2lb price of $29.99.

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