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Two month old Redcon1 now available in Australia at Rockhard and Massive Joes


Since it arrived, Aaron Singerman’s Redcon1 has been growing pretty quickly. The brand started out with a massive 13 different supplements at the beginning of September and has since introduced a handful of new flavors and expanded into some of the biggest retailers. Today we have even more news from the still very young Redcon1, as it has officially made it all the way down to Australia.

The major retailer in the area, Massive Joes, is already listing a bunch of the brand’s supplements in preparation for their arrival including ISOtope, Cluster Bomb, Double Tap, and Big Noise. Total War and Fade Out are also on the store’s website, although we imagine they will be different versions since they contain two ingredients that can’t be sold in Australia, rauwolscine and melatonin.

Rockhard Supplements is another place listing Redcon1, and while it may only have the one product at the moment with the top rated pre-workout Total War, the retailer does actually have stock of it. The price Rock Hard has put on the supplement is $64.95 AUD, which certainly isn’t bad knowing how effective it is.

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