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Redcon1’s limited edition flavors are going to be available direct this Thursday

sour gummy bear total war

It was recently confirmed that Redcon1 had put together three very limited edition flavors for its now top rated pre-workout supplement Total War. Those flavors are Strawberry, Blue Lemonade, and the unique recipe Sour Gummy Bear. It was also said that all three were being offered to retailers first, and if there were any left, fans who prefer to shop at would get a chance to purchase them.

Redcon1 has now revealed that stock of Strawberry, Blue Lemonade, and Sour Gummy Bear Total War are indeed going to be added to the brand’s official website. For those interested, the three flavors are all expected to be released this coming Thursday. Only limited stock of the already limited edition products are going to be available, so you’ll definitely want to move quickly when they’re added.

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