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360Sleep designed to deliver sleep, calmness, and relaxation


The team over at 360Cut has made it two all-new supplements this week, by following up its Tuesday launch of Micronized Creatine with the unveiling of another entirely new product. The brand’s second effort for the week is actually a lot more complex than its basic creatine formula, introducing the flavored nighttime supplement appropriately named 360Sleep.

Like most competitors in the sleep aid category, 360Cut’s upcoming 360Sleep has been designed to help get you to sleep and make sure you stay that way. Its official list of effects includes support for deep and restorative sleep, healthy sleep pattern encouragement, and improved relaxation and relief of nervous tension.

360Cut 360Sleep


To make sure the supplement comes through on all of its promises, 360Cut has packed it with a combination of seven main ingredients. The features making up 360Sleep’s label are all fairly common with a gram each of valerian root (4:1), argnine monohydrochloride, and GABA, 250mg each of theanine and mucuna pruriens, 100mg 5-HTP, and 3mg of melatonin. Those doses are all from a single serving of 360Sleep, which is the maximum amount the brand recommends fans use.

We don’t yet know when or where 360Cut plans on launching its new sleep formula, although if it’s like most of the brand’s new releases it will be available through its own website before anywhere else. When ever it does eventually arrive, fans are going to have two fruity flavors to choose from in Lemon Drop and Peach Pineapple, both coming in the one 30 serving tub size.

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