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Alpha Cutz kit introduces Muscle Sport’s new CarniSlim

alpha cutz

To close out the year Muscle Sport has introduced a new box set of supplements which we’re pretty sure was the product it teased a few months back. The new release is called Alpha Cutz, a three piece stack made up of two current Black Series supplements as well as an entirely new, kit exclusive.

The Alpha Cutz box set includes a full-size bottle of the stimulant powered fat burner Thermal Black, the body recomposition formula AlphaSRM, and the all-new carnitine based product CarniSlim. Unlike the other two items in the weight loss stack, CarniSlim is a fairly straightforward formula featuring just three ingredients with a gram each of carnitine tartrate and CLA, and 100mg of green tea.

alpha cutz

All together the Muscle Sport Alpha Cutz kit gives you the power of all three of its supplements with enhanced energy, boosted metabolism, decreased cortisol, increased lean muscle, and overall weight loss. The fat burning part is of course the main idea behind the stack, hence its name Alpha Cutz.

The latest from Muscle Sport has in fact already been made available direct through its own website at It is also apart of the brand’s new years blowout sale where you can get a massive 50% off using the coupon code “NEWYEAR”, dropping Alpha Cutz down from its usual $189.99 to just $95.

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