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Dedicated unveils Banoffee Ice Cream, limited edition #5

Banoffee Ice Cream fusion pro

To round out the week Dedicated Nutrition has unveiled another one of its upcoming limited edition Fusion Pro flavors, following on from the four it’s already revealed this month. For this one the brand has gone back to the creative side, with a recipe more known in the UK and Europe than here in the US.

The latest flavor confirmed for Dedicated’s limited edition protein menu is Banoffee Ice Cream Fusion Pro. For those unfamiliar with banoffee, traditionally it’s a pie made from bananas, cream, and toffee, a flavor Grenade actually tried to tackle with its Reload high protein flapjack.

With Banoffee Ice Cream now confirmed, Dedicated has just one Fusion Pro left to reveal which we’ll probably be seeing around Monday next week.

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