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Regular C4 rebranded and renamed C4 Original

c4 original

An image has surfaced of what initially appears to be yet another spin-off of Cellucor’s mainstream pre-workout C4. The name of the supplement in the image is C4 Original, which may have you thinking several things much like we did when we first saw it. A throwback version was one of our thoughts, however it turns out the product is a lot simpler than that.

Cellucor has been able to confirm that its new C4 Original is actually just the regular C4 rebranded with a slightly more modern look and given an all-new name. With so many different C4s now on the market including C4 50x, Ripped, Mass, Sport, On-The-Go (RTD), Neuro, and the new C4 Ultimate, it only makes sense that the brand tries to make it a little clearer which one came first.

Basically, if you’re a Cellucor fan and the next time you go to pick up the pre-workout it looks like C4 Original, just know it is exactly the same as the regular C4.

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