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C4 Ultimate almost more cost-effective than Cellucor’s regular C4

c4 ultimate

Following last week’s select retailer launch of Cellucor’s most transparent and complete pre-workout to date C4 Ultimate, the new supplement has now been launched online through GNC’s website. The product has actually brought with a bit of a surprise, as it isn’t as expensive as we expected. Despite packing a lot more per tub, C4 Ultimate is in fact almost more cost-effective than the regular C4.

Online GNC has priced C4 Ultimate at $39.99 for a 20 serving tub for both Gold Card members and everyone else, and $74.99 for the double size 40 serving tub. When you compare that to the retailer’s regular C4 pricing, it’s close enough that you’d may as well just go with C4 Ultimate.

c4 ultimate

For Gold Card members, Cellucor C4 costs $30 for a 30 serving tub and $50 for the double size 60 serving. While initially that may sound like a better deal, keep in mind you only need one scoop of C4 Ultimate to get the most out of it. The regular C4 takes two scoops, so the better breakdown of its pricing would be 15 servings for $30 and 30 servings for $50.

For the smaller size of C4 that works out to the same value as the smaller C4 Ultimate at $2 per maximum serving. Things get a little bit different when you move into the bigger tubs as the regular C4 works out better, however for all that the new C4 Ultimate offers it’ll only cost you 12% more.

Keep in mind we are only talking about Cellucor’s C4 Ultimate at GNC here, as pricing may be very different when the supplement eventually arrives at the likes of

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