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New Cellucor iD Series could mean more supplements like C4 Ultimate

cellucor id series

While the launch of Cellucor’s new C4 Ultimate is very exciting, especially since as we’ve said, it is the brand’s most transparent and complete pre-workout release to date. This may not actually be the last time we see the mainstream brand put together a supplement as packed as C4 Ultimate. Something you might not have noticed is that Cellucor’s latest release is in fact a part of an all-new line called the Cellucor iD Series.

The reason C4 Ultimate being a part of a new line is so interesting, is because most lines don’t usually end with one product. The products in them also usually have a consistent point of difference. If all of that does prove to be true for the Cellucor iD Series and it does have more supplements on the way, then we could very well be in for more formulas like the semi-transparent and packed out C4 Ultimate.

cellucor id series

The list of possibilities for the Cellucor iD Series really includes all of the brand’s original products such as Alpha Amino Ultimate, a more complete SuperHD Ultimate, or even P6 Ultimate. There are plenty of ways Cellucor could work in more ingredients to make the supplements more complete, and a lot of them do use proprietary blends so it wouldn’t be difficult to add more transparency as well.

For now we are of course only speculating based on the new C4 Ultimate being the only product in Cellucor’s iD Series. It definitely looks like the brand is going to make something out of it, especially since we can’t really remember a series it launched or at least named that had more than one supplement in it.

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