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Chaos and Pain previews its mysterious Chemical One

 chemical one

Hot off the release of its new nutrient partitioner Predator, Chaos and Pain is already onto teasing another entirely new supplement it has coming soon. This week the brand has dropped a preview of what is being called Chemical One, an extremely mysterious looking and mysteriously named product. The preview doesn’t really give us anything outside of its name, leaving us to speculate what type of supplement it is.

The one other detail Chaos and Pain has included in its first look at Chemical One is the form of the product. According to its label Chemical One is a tablet formula, packing 60 tablets per bottle. While the amount of tablets it has isn’t too much help, the fact that the supplement is a tablet formula is actually quite interesting. The only reason we say that is because, as far as we can remember Chaos and Pain has never used tablets before, it’s always gone with capsules.

Confirmation of Chemical One using tablets does somewhat point us in a couple of directions of categories, although not many. If we had to take a guess at what the product is based on what little information we have, we’d say either a multi-vitamin or joint support formula. Those guesses are only based on the preview not so much Chaos and Pain’s style and current line-up, as we don’t really see a vitamin fitting with its hardcore theme and it does already have joint support covered with Helios.

As soon as we get more information on Chemical One we’ll be sure to share it, although if you’re already interested in it, we do know when it’s going to be available. The brand is aiming to launch the supplement on Boxing Day, which is exactly 20 days away from today.

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