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Pre-order DVST8 Crimson before 2017 and get 25% off

dvst8 crimson

Just yesterday we shared our thoughts on a few pre-release samples we were lucky to try of Inspired’s upcoming pre-workout DVST8 Crimson. We said that the supplement is going to be pretty dangerous for the brand’s competitors as it packs a slightly different combination of effects, but is just as incredible as its #1 rated DVST8 White Cut. If that got you at all interested, then you’ll be happy to hear that Crimson is now available for pre-order.

While Inspired has still yet to reveal the label for its upcoming DVST8 Crimson, its extremely surprising price combined with our beta sample thoughts might not make that necessary. As mentioned, Crimson packs about as much power as DVST8 White Cut with an intense combination of energy, focus, and pump. For that reason we expected a price tag around the same as White Cut’s, however with Inspired’s Crimson pre-order has come a very competitive cost.

dvst8 crimson

It turns out DVST8 Crimson is not only a simpler and equally powerful pre-workout compared to DVST8 White Cut. But it is also a more cost-effective solution as the brand has set its full-size pre-order price at just $39.99 for 25 servings. That’s about 30% cheaper when you compare tub to tub price with White Cut, although if you actually get in on Inspired’s pre-order before 2017 arrives you’re going to get an even bigger surprise in price.

From now through until the end of the month, if you pre-order DVST8 Crimson you can get 25% off dropping the almost guaranteed, top rated product down to only $29.99. All you need for the sale is the coupon code “YEAR25”, the website, and your choice of Crimson flavor with Strawberry Splash, Crimson Berry, and Pineapple Express. Pre-orders are due to ship in a few months, with Inspired’s current timeframe being early March.

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