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DVST8 Crimson looking like another Inspired masterpiece

dvst8 crimson

Since dropping a very small teaser back in early November, Inspired has been fairly quiet about its upcoming pre-workout supplement DVST8 Crimson. Today we actually have some pretty exciting information to share on that product, including what we believe separates it from DVST8 White Cut based on our experience with a few pre-release samples.

Before we get into the new information we have, we’ll quickly go over what we already knew about DVST8 Crimson. Firstly it is a pre-workout formula packed with a good amount of stimulants like Inspired’s #1 rated DVST8 White Cut. Despite being designed for the same category, Crimson is not going to be replacing White Cut, instead it is going to be sold alongside it as some kind of alternative.

Moving on to the new exciting information, recently we were fortunate enough to try a few beta samples of Inspired’s upcoming DVST8 Crimson. We won’t be posting a review on them as they weren’t final, but they did give us an idea on what Crimson might have been designed to do and why everyone else in the pre-workout category should be concerned.

dvst8 white cut

Based on our experience with Inspired’s pre-release DVST8 Crimson samples, it seems like the brand has put together a more intense, yet simpler pre-workout. Compared to White Cut, Crimson feels like a stronger stimulant powered experience focused more on energy, focus, and pump, without the extra performance and endurance boost. While it may be hard to believe, the supplement is still just as incredible as White Cut despite having a simpler combination of effects.

We are definitely going to need to see some more official details before we can confirm anything, but if DVST8 Crimson is as good as its samples, Inspired is going to have another pre-workout king on its hands. The product is due to drop sometime within the next month or so, and there is going to be some kind of pre-order opportunity that pre-workout fans will want to get in on.

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