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A few more supplements updated with Dymatize’s new look


Ever since Dymatize unveiled its rebrand back at the beginning of the year, we haven’t really seen too many of its supplements featuring the new look. The one we’ve seen wearing the updated theme the most is the brand’s isolate ISO-100. Over the past few weeks we’ve actually finally seen Dymatize rebrand a few more, with its website now listing more than just ISO-100 with its new look.

If you head to now, you’ll see a total of six products wearing the brand’s updated theme. Two of those however are its entirely new supplements ISO100 Clear and Elite Protein Bar, which were both originally introduced with the look. The other four are Elite Casein, Elite Whey, Super Mass Gainer, and the first one to be rebranded, ISO-100.

Dymatize still has plenty of products left to update if it plans on transforming its entire line, with its website featuring well over 20 supplements yet to be rebranded.

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