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FocusMode Review: Smooth combination of clarity and drive

focusmode review

We’ve always been big fans of dedicated focus products, whether they be powered by stimulants, stimulant free, and everything in between. When EVL launched its focus competitor FocusMode earlier in the year, we knew we had to give the fully transparent, caffeine free supplement a go at some point. Over the past month or two we’ve been doing just that, trialing EVL’s focus product at its recommended two capsule serving to bring you today’s first hand FocusMode review.

Smooth mix of clarity and drive

Like all of the caffeine free focus formulas we’ve tried, EVL’s FocusMode doesn’t have a kick or anything like that. When taken with an energy drink or stackable pre-workout the start is a little more noticeable, but its overall effect is still the same. FocusMode gradually creeps in 20 or 30 minutes after taking it, with a sense of clarity being the sign that confirms it’s kicking in.

focusmode review

After the mind clearing beginning, FocusMode then starts to increase your drive or level of focus for the job at hand. With a clear head and an increased amount of drive behind you, the supplement essentially forces you to take on and complete anything you set your mind to. That kind of effect is obviously useful in several situations, or for our review it helped out greatly when trying to get work done, working out caffeine free, or working out with a pre-workout.

In the case of getting work done, FocusMode is a massive help. It clears your head of anything that could be distracting and pushes you to put all your attention on your work until it’s done, and not too surprisingly a distraction free mind also get things done quicker. The same sort of story applies when using FocusMode for the gym. The product gives you a new level of clarity allowing you to solely focus on the job at hand, and stay zoned in and motivated for each and every set.

focusmode review

How long does it last?

We did say that the EVL focus formula does take about 20 to 30 minutes to kick in, but it does last for quite some time. The focus and drive don’t really die out during a typical 45 to 60 minute workout, although during long periods of work or study it does have a cut-off or fade out point. We’d probably say it stays strong for a good 90 minutes to two hours during mental activity, then slowly dies out after that for another hour or two.

One of the best out there

Overall FocusMode is actually quite the surprise. Not only did it turn out to be effective, but it’s also on par with some of the best focus based products we’ve tried. We wouldn’t say it’s up there with the likes of Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Genius, however it’s certainly not far behind. To make FocusMode’s case even stronger, if you can get it during one of’s regular sales you could say it’s the best value on the market, as it does get as low as $20 a bottle.

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