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Ghost teases its first lot of clothing for the new year


Following on from its surprisingly large group of new releases, which as promised were all dropped on the first day of this month. Ghost has posted a teaser for what appears to be another bunch of new releases for the new year. This time it looks like we’re in for some apparel, although as we’ve come to expect with Ghost, it’s not just any apparel.

The brand’s latest teaser image features its first real pieces of clothing with a hoodie and a sweater, both being printed with Ghost’s logo dead center in white. Where the big twist comes in is that the brand has actually teamed up with the lifestyle apparel company Sportique for its new year items. The teaser certainly leaves us with a lot of questions, most importantly are there any more pieces outside of the two tops?

We’ll no doubt be getting more information on Ghost’s upcoming new year’s drop over the next few weeks, especially since January 1st is only eight days away.

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