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Jim Stoppani’s Jym 2.0 line is now available at Amazon

jym at amazon

Jim Stoppani’s Jym 2.0 supplements, the line that was originally introduced and previously only available at the retailer GNC, can now be found at another massive location, the online giant Amazon. The man himself has made the announcement today confirming that three of his 2.0 products are online, in stock, and available for purchase.

The three products now at Amazon are Pre Jym, and the two Post Jyms, Active Matrix and Fast-Digesting Carb. While the retailer does have all of the supplements’ sizes available, it doesn’t have all of their flavors. At the moment you can get Pre Jym 2.0 in three flavors with Natural Island Punch being the one missing, and all of the Post Jym flavors except Natural Lemon Lime and Mandarin Orange.

Amazon has priced Pre Jym, as well as both of the Post Jyms, exactly the same as what GNC has them for. The 20 serving Pre Jym is $37.99 and 30 serving $49.99, with the Post Jym Active Matrix also at $37.99, and the Post Jym Fast-Digesting Carb at $19.99.