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Performax Labs reveals the 8 ingredients behind its upcoming MassMax XT

MassMax XT

A few weeks ago Performax Labs released a prevew of its upcoming natural anabolic formula, introducing MassMax XT. The exciting supplement promised a long list of interesting effects including increased muscle mass and vascularity, improved protein synthesis and appetite, and enhanced strength and endurance. To keep the inerest going the brand has now passed on MassMax XT’s label, which reveals an eight ingredient combination.

As always we’ve added the official facts panel of MassMax XT below where you can see almost all of the ingredients are transparently dosed except for the product’s AbsorboMax Complex. The features included in the supplement to help it deliver on all of its promises are half a gram of atractylodes lancea, 350mg rhaponticum carthamoide, 250mg epicatechin (95%), and 125mg each of methyl palmitate and methyl oleate. As mentioned there is also the AbsorboMax Complex in there with a 250mg mix of camellia sinensis, sodium caprate, and black pepper extract.

Performax Labs MassMax XT

massmax xt

Performax Labs fans are expected to be able to find out just how effective MassMax XT is very soon, as the product it still being promoted with a December release. If the brand does end up following through on that, we should be seeing a launch sometime within the next three weeks.

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