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Militant Supplements coming soon from KC Mitchell and Primeval Labs

militant supplements

If you’re a Primeval Labs follower or are at least familiar with most of the fitness celebrities out there, you will have likely heard of or seen KC Mitchell. He is an incredibly strong powerlifter and combat wounded veteran that goes by the social media handle “that1legmonster”. Mitchell is also one of Primeval’s many sponsored athletes, a company he has actually been closely working with recently to develop his very own brand called Militant Supplements.

At the moment not a lot is known about Mitchell’s new line of products, with confirmation of just one supplement. That one supplement is called Shell Shock, a pre-workout formula that we do have a few details on. Firstly we know that Militant’s Shell Shock is going to be a 100% transparently dosed product packing a rather large serving size of around 20g. As far as ingredients go, only one has been revealed for now with 4g of glycerol monostearate.

Judging by the size of its serving and the one ingredient and dose confirmed so far, it certainly looks like Shell Shock is going to be a supplement to watch. The few details we have also suggest Militant Supplements is going to be a brand worth keeping an eye on, especially if it has more products lined up with full transparency and solid dosing.

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