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Nutrabio now has sample packs on its website for 7 supplements


Whether they’re free or not, samples are always a good way to try a supplement before investing in a full-size bottle or bag. Nutrabio is one of the many great brands that knows this and has just launched a new sample pack section on its website. The packs aren’t unfortunately free, but are significantly cheaper than buying a full tub.

At the moment Nutrabio only has seven product samples available with BCAA 5000 Powder, Super Carb, CarboMax, Micellar Casein, Pre Extreme, Intra Blast, and Whey Protein Isolate. Each one comes with a total of two samples and all cost $5 a pack, except for the Pre Extreme sampler which is $5.99. You can find the full list of samples at, and apparently expect to see Classic Whey join the list later this week.

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