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Redcon1 Fade Out Review: Incredibly consistent uninterrupted sleep

redcon1 fade out review

After reviewing Redcon1’s now top-rated pre-workout supplement Total War, we figured it’d be worth checking out some of its other entries. One of the few that caught our attention pretty quickly was the brand’s nighttime product Fade Out. We’ve always been big fans of effective sleep formulas, especially those that incorporate a bit of extra recovery. As it turns out that is exactly the type of sleep formula Fade Out is, packing a powerful combination of knockout, deep sleep, and recovery.

Lights out

The biggest highlight of Redcon1 Fade Out is without a doubt its ability to get you to sleep. Once you throw it back it takes about 20 minutes to start working its magic. After that time it doesn’t exactly make you tired or yawn suddently, more like gradually make you sleepier and sleepier. The supplement basically encourages you to lay down and relax, then sooner rather than later it’s goodnight. Fade Out creates a fairly smooth transition into sleep, which really makes the whole experience feel quite natural.

redcon1 fade out review

Consistent uninterrupted sleep

While Fade Out’s ability to get you to sleep is its biggest highlight, the quality of the sleep it gives you isn’t far behind. Not too long after the product has successfully put you to sleep, you’ll be pushed into a sleep so deep your night is almost guaranteed to go uninterrupted. We can honestly say that with each serving of Fade Out we used, our sleep went unbroken. While that may not sound overly impressive, we’ve never experienced that sort of consistency before with any other sleep formula.

Little drowsy in the morning

The next effect we have to talk about is the morning after with Fade Out, which isn’t as good as its knockout ability or quality of sleep. When you finally wake up after a serving of Fade Out you might find yourself a little drowsier than usual. It’s not anywhere near as bad as we’ve seen in other supplements, but enough to add a few more minutes to your morning before your 100% ready to take on the day. Fortunately the effect doesn’t get any worse if you have less than your usual amount of sleep, as for us when tested on 6 and 7 hours instead of our typical 8, the level of drowsiness was surprisingly about the same.

redcon1 fade out review

Enhanced recovery

The last area we’re going to touch on for Fade Out is its recovery effect, something Redcon1 doesn’t promote for it but does usually come with most nighttime formulas. After getting through an entire tub of the product we feel pretty confident in saying that Fade Out does enhance recovery a bit. It’s certainly not on the level of Ronnie’s Resurrect PM or Muscle Elements’ Amino PM, but the deep sleep does make your body a little less sore in the morning and your energy systems a little more recharged.

Overall effective and complete

Overall Redcon1’s Fade Out is an incredibly effective sleep supplement, and even better it helps out with recovery. There are very few products out there that actually deliver the full nighttime experience, with most focusing more on the recovery side and not so much sleep. Redcon1 switches that up in Fade Out, being more focused on sleep featuring one of the best knockout and deep sleep combinations we’ve experienced, topped off with a healthier feeling body in the morning.

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