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Solitary Confinement Review: Convenient, effective, and not too expensive

solitary confinement review

Ever since we introduced Condemned Labz back in November, we’d be wanting to give at least one of the new brand’s supplements a go. Over the past month, we’ve been doing just that as we decided to take the brand’s intra-workout Solitary Confinement for a spin. The product does feature a fairly straightforward formula, which delivers a very convenient and reliable experience.

A lot of products in one

If you haven’t seen the formula behind Condemned Labz Solitary Confinement before, it’s broken up into about seven main features. You have its 4g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, 2g HMB, a gram of arginine AKG, 750mg HICA, half a gram of Sustamine glutamine, electrolytes, and 20g of highly branched cyclic dextrin. It is the HBCD that really stands out in this one along with a few other ingredients, creating a very endurance enhancing experience.

solitary confinement review

Fueled from start to finish

Like most HBCD and other highly effective intra-workouts we’ve tried, Condemned Labz Solitary Confinement helps you out big time when it comes to getting you through your workout, especially without a pre-workout. The supplement fuels your muscles with a natural type energy that gives you the ability to knock out every rep with feeling, which in turn most of the time gives you the confidence to do a few extra reps. The endurance enhancing formula also carries over into your rest periods, as after each set you’ll find your body gets re-energized a lot quicker and you just feel ready to go another round sooner.

solitary confinement review

The times when Condemned Labz Solitary Confinement shines most is in more intense workouts, when you utilize larger muscle groups and more complex exercises such as back and leg days. Basically workouts where you’d usually be exhausting yourself, Solitary Confinement comes through and gives you an extra gear. Another great word to describe the product outside of endurance enhancing would be sustaining, as that is really what it does, keeping you going at a good level of performance for your entire workout.

Good sense of recovery

On top of its performance boosting ability, Solitary Confinement does also make you feel fairly recovered leaving the gym. The supplement’s ability to keep your body fueled and strong during your workout does carry through into when you leave the gym. It’s not like you’ll feel like you didn’t put enough effort in, more that you have your natural level of energy back sooner than your used to, giving you a pretty good sense of recovery.

solitary confinement review

Convenient, effective, and priced well

Overall Solitary Confinement is probably one of the better intra-workouts we’ve come across in terms of effectiveness as well as very fitting for what we’re used to using intra-workout anyway. We did add a bit more to our servings to get 25g of HBCD and 5g of BCAAs from the product, and while that does take it down to 20 servings per tub, Solitary Confinement isn’t too expensive. It may cost if you go direct to Condemned Labz website, but if you head on over to Natural Body you’re looking at $44.99 a tub, around the same as the likes of Intra-MD once was.

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